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Fresh Bread and Milk now available

We are thrilled to have partnered with Danny's Bakery to be able to offer you some of the best fresh bread in Australia. Why not pick up a loaf next time you're down at Wanniassa, or have it delivered straight to your door with your meat?

And now, you won't even have to leave the house as we are offering fresh milk as part of our product range.

All of our meat is free range and grass fed, sourced from the fine pastures surrounding the Breakout River abattoirs and also through the Murray Valley region.

All of our tender, 3 week dry aged beef, succulent lamb and juicy pork, have low mileage to the abattoirs and free range life and gentle handling. This ensures prime quality from the paddock to your plate.

All meat is cut fresh when you order and we are so proud of what we do we offer a money back guarantee on everything we sell.

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Uriarra deliveries - 1st and 3rd Tuesday of the month, Royalla and Googong 2nd and 4th Tuesday. These deliveries will be leaving the shop at 5.30 pm.

NOW 11 DELIVERY RUNS PER WEEK - Now delivering Monday to Saturday more info

Weekly Specials:

Grass-fed Premium Beef Mince (87-92% Fat-free)

Was: $13.99/kg
Now: $10.99/kg

Swan Hill or Breakout Rive Meats Corwa, dry-aged fresh body grass-fed beef. Minced fresh twice daily, preservative free. BUY BULK AND SAVE!

Great For: Pasta dishes, burgers & rissoles, tacos & mexican, pies and much more.

Lamb Leg Chops

Was: $14.99/kg
Now: $10.99/kg

Australian Murray Valley gold lamb. Save, bulk buy!

Lamb legs sre rarely used for chops as they are usually sold in meat outlets as whole legs. They always impress becuase they have very little bone and are very tender.

Thin Sausages. Grass Fed Gluten Free

Was: $10.99/kg
Now: $8.99/kg

Hand-mixed and made sausages using only fresh, natural ingredients. Approximately 14 sausages per kg. These are our most popular sausage and are a perfect family all rounder and are also great for feeding a large crowd / fundraising sausage sizzle etc. Gluten-free. Buy in bulk for a great deal!

Also available: Hand Sliced Onions.

Real Smoked Bacon

Was: $17.99/kg
Now: $12.99/kg

Hand-made fresh in-store in our gourmet smokehouse, you can really taste the difference!

Did you know? - Most commercial bacon and cured meats are pickled, boiled, then flavoured with liquid smoke flavouring and never actually see a smoke house, ours is smoked in a real smokehouse the old fashioned way. Our Bacon also ccontains no artificial flavourings (liquid smoke etc) and is gluten free.

Jordo's summer BBQ banana bacon and peach skewers:
10 bananas
8 rashers of bacon
1 tin on peach slices
Cut the bananas into 4 pieces each and the bacon tail into 3 pieces and the bacon eye in half. Skewer the ingredients onto the skewers starting and ending with banana so each skewer has 4 pieces of banana on it. Cook on the BBQ (oiled up flame grill is best) until the ingredients are lightly toasted. Note, fold the bacon over a couple of times so it is the same size as the banana and peaches on the skewer. We have added a picture of some completed skewers viewable in the product pictures.


Each rasher weighs approx 70 grams

Lean Kangaroo Mince (fzn 500gm)

Was: $6.00 each
Now: $4.80 each

Premium quality kangaroo mince, 98% fat free. Kangaroo meat is low in fat, low in cholesterol and high in protein.

Size: Sold in 1kg frozen trays.

Uses: Hamburgers, pasta dishes, homemade sausages and many more healthy alternatives to most beef mince dishes.

To have less impact on the environment we now package the mince in plastic bags instead of polystyrene trays...

Mini Summer BBQ Pack - 20% Discount!

Was: $241.36
Now: $193.09

A tip-top BBQ pack that should last a few barbeques and at a great discounted price!

•.65kg Thin Beef Sausages (original)  
•.8kg Marinated Chicken Breast Steaks (thin chicken minute steaks)  
•4x Chicken Skewers  
•4x Aussie Shish Kebabs - Now Extra Large  
•8x Turkish Lamb Kofta Sticks  
•.8kg Grass-Fed Beef T-Bone T Bone  
•1kg Grass-Fed Beef Scotch Fillet  
•.8kg Smokey BBQ Pork Spare Ribs  
•.8kg Lamb Loin Chops  
•1kg Gourmet Beef Rissoles - Pick & Mix  
•1kg Italian Sausage  
•1kg Worcestershire and Cracked Black Pepper Beef Sausage  
•.6kg Chicken Thigh Fillets Skin Off  
•.8kg Lamb Forequarter / Shoulder Chops  

// Also available: Mega Summer Pack

Swaps are OK!: We're happy to for you to swap one item for another item of your choice,
we will automatically swap it to equal value of the swapped item. Please leave your swapped item and packing preference notes in the provided space below. Note: flavoured sausages in this pack (worcestershire / pepper & Italian) are not compulsory flavours and may change depending on what sausages we are making on the day, feel free to let us know if you prefer any other flavours and we'll do our best to accommodate your requests, this will not count as a swapped item.

Bacon and Onion Beef Burgers

Was: $18.99/kg
Now: $14.99/kg

Using our Grass Fed premium beef mince and our Gluten Free Bacon we would like to introduce you to our Bacon and Onion Beef Burgers. Great for a flavoursome burger without getting your hands dirty, we have done all the hard work for you Ask us to roll them quarter size for a fresh twist on your traditional meatballs. With onion, white pepper, fresh chopped parsley a dash of worcestershire sauce, these ready to go rissoles are a must do.

Mixed Grain Matured Sourdough 900gm

Was: $5.50 each
Now: $4.50 each

If you are a multigrain lover do yourself a favor and wrap your laughing gear around a few slices of Danny's Multigrain Sourdough. Seamless mix of the finest grans carefully blended to create this textured sensation. Ingredients:- Linseeds, Kibble, Wheat Flakes, Barley, Rye, Maise, Buckwheat, Sunflower Seeds, Oats, Salt, Bakers Four, Water, Culture, Yeast, Sesame Seeds. Preservative Free, Fat Free, No Added Sugar

Canberra Milk - HiLo-1L

Was: $2.39 each
Now: $1.90 each

50% less fat than full cream milk 20% more calcium and 20% more protein. Suitable for people who want to maintain high levels of calcium while enjoying reduced fat and great taste.