Refer a Friend

Introducing the even easier-to-use Jordo's Chop Shop refer-a-friend program.

At Jordo's Chop Shop, we love that so many of our customers love the quality of meat and friendly service so much that they want to share it with their friends. So we though, why should we be the only ones to benefit? More customers helps us, and we think it should help you too!

The Deal

Refer a friend to Jordo's Chop Shop, and once they place an order worth $20 or more, both you and your friend will get a $10 credit to put towards a future order. Everybody wins!

How do I do it?

There are two ways.

  • The easiest is to go to the Refer a Friend section of the My Account page. Here you can enter the email addresses of your friends. Then, when they sign up using this email address and place their first order, you'll automatically receive your credit. Easy!
  • The second way is for your friend to enter your name or email address in the Who referred you field on the customer signup form when they create your account. We'll do our best to automatically match this with your account and add your discount. This way might take a little longer though in case we can't find a perfect match, in those cases we'll manually review and make sure you get your credit.

I already referred someone and they forgot to put in my name. Help!

No worries. You shouldn't be penalised for their mistake. Just get them to log in, go to the My Account page and then edit their Contact Information, they'll be able to put your name or email address in to the Who referred you field and, after we review, we'll credit your account.